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* Do you know what the web redirect record is?

Suggested article: Web redirect record

The Web Redirect Record (WR record) allows you to point one resource to a new place. It very useful because that way, your client can get the new address automatically and continue using your site.

There are two types of web redirects:

  • 301 redirect (permanent). Use it to keep the SEO of the previous URL and move it to the newly created URL that could be on a new domain or just in another part of the site.
  • 302 redirect (temporary). When you don’t want to lose the SEO of the page, but currently, you don’t want to show it to the visitors.
  • URL cloaking. Your visitors will stay on the same domain, but they will be redirected inside a frame.

Web redirects are sure a helpful tool for SEO and site management. Do you want to know more about them? Visit the following article!